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R09 Batch Exception of two subjects details and information of jntu

JNTU Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University was there in JNTU Hyderabad, JNTU Kakinada, JNTU Ananthapur and all Universities named by we are going to know about R09 Batch Exception of two subjects details and information so all of u can get the Detailed info and GAIN the knowledge and share the info with all this R09 Batch Exception of two subjects details and information is very useful to someone so please share the info on facebook.and this  R09 Batch Exception of two subjects details and information for all JNTU HYD JNTU K JNTU A students and all contact their college examination cell for confirm the any details.

R09 Batch Exception of Two Subjects for JNTU HYD

  • Students can leave any two failed subjects from all the theory subjects
  • Students can not leave any Practical Subjects. Students can not leave two subjects if One Subject consists of 6 credits and other subject consists of 4 credits and Both subjects consists of 6 credits.
  • You can leave only one failed subject in entire course which consists of 6 credits.
  • 1st year Subjects are also Included in the list of exemption. so Students can also leave any failed subject from 1st Year.
  • For Exemption of two failed subjects students should fill “UNDERTAKING FORM” and Submit it in the college Examination Branch for 09 Batch Exception of two subjects
  • Engineering Drawing Practice (EDP) is not a theoretical subject so students can not leave EDP as per sources of JNTU Students can not leave EDP as exception but not sure about this…Students are requested to contact their Examination Branch about EDP
  • Students who have cleared all your subjects can not choose their two subjects Exemption, JNTU itself will choose your exemption subjects.
R09 Batch Exception of Two Subjects Details of JNTU
R09 Batch Exception of Two Subjects Details of JNTU

How to apply for R09 Batch Exception of two subjects (undertaking If u fail in 1 or 2 subjects) :

  1. For Exemption of two failed subjects students should fill the UNDERTAKING FORM
  2. and Submit it in the college Examination Branch
  3. Students can need Undertaking Form for apply
  4. and a Written letter along with SSC Certificate Xerox and all the xerox copies of memos from 1st year to 4-2
  5. and  sent the all to Director of Evaluation, JNTU

some frequently asked questions about R09 Batch Exception of two subjects

Question :  Who all students comes under R09 Batch ?

Answer : Students who got admitted into B.Tech in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 comes under R09 batch.

Question : I got cleared in all subjects & secured 200 credits. Do i need to apply for Exemption of subjects ?

Answer : No need to apply for Exemption. JNTUH will dispatch your memos (CMM,PC) directly to your respective colleges.

Question : Do I need to pay any fee while apply for Exemption, Grace Marks & Class Change Rule ?

Answer : If u apply for the above rules at your respective then no need to pay any fee. If at all if u apply in tatkal process directly at JNTUH then u need to pay an extra amount of Rs.1000/- per memo.

Question : In the notification it is given we need to clear “All the practical subjects” What does practical subjects mean?

Ans : Practical subjects are labs. It means u need to clear all labs from 1 to 4 years.

Question : Can I leave lab based theory subjects ?

Ans : Yes u can leave lab based theory subjects. But u need to clear labs.

Example : If a student of R09 regulation has a backlog in MICRO PROCESSOR Theory subject then he can leave that subject. But he can’t leave the Micro Processor Lab

Question : Can I leave elective ?

Ans : Yes u can.

Question : How many days it will take to get the memos who secured 200/ 192/193/194 credits ?

Ans : For the students who secured 200 credits they will get the memos from their respective colleges from next week (Maximum). and PC, CMM will be dispatched after 5 days.

JNTU ANANTAPUR Exemption of 2 subjects Rule For B.Tech R09 batch For Award of Degree  (Maximum of 8 Credits)

some students are requested about JNTU anathapur so we are providing the info about JNTU A two subjects exemption and check the important details below

  • B.Tech degree awarded for the best 212 credits for regular students and best 160 credits for lateral entry students with the following compulsory subjects
    1.all the practical subjects  2. Project work
  • The exemption of two subjects upto 8 credits for B.Tech students, only the following cases are permitted
  • If the student passes in all subjects both regular & LES The aggregate percentage & class shall be awarded, excluding 2 theory subejcts of 4 credits each, in which the student has secured lowest marks.
  • If the student fails in 2 theory subjects of 4 credits each both for regualr & LES The aggregate percentage & class shall be awarded, excluding those 2 theory subjects in which the student has failed.
  • If the students fails in the theory subject of 6 credits & the seminar The aggregate percentage and the class shall be awarded, excluding the subject in which the students has failed and the seminar marks.
  • If the students fails in the Seminar only for
  • Regular Students The aggregate percentage and class shall be awarded, excluding one theory subject of 6 credits in which the student secured lowest marks.
  • Later Entry Students The student shall have acquired 162 credits. However, for calculating the aggregate percentage and for awarding class, the marks obtained in the best 160 credits shall be considered.
  • If the student fails in Seminar and one theory subject of 4 credits credits
  • Regular Students The student shall have acquired 214 credits. How ever, for calculating the aggregate percentage and for awarding class, the marks obtained in the best 212 credits shall be considered, excluding the seminar and the theory subject in which the candidate has failed.
  • The student shall have acquired 162 credits. However for calculating the aggregate percentage and for awarding class, the marks obtained in the best 160 credits shall be considered, excluding the seminar and the theory subject in which the candidate has failed.
  • Official Notification of 8 credits by JNTU Anathapur

Grace marks for JNTU students Detailed Explanation / how to apply
How To Correct Your Name On Marks Memos,Provisional Certificates

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  1. Sir I have two sub’s in same sem(2-2) it consists of 4 credits each it is possible to leave two sub’s in the same sem

  2. excuse me sir,what is the time limit for applying of PC,CMM and OD for 2016 passouts,can u plzz tell me

  3. sir i have cleared all my subjects except m1 and emtl.i have got 15 marks in m1 external exam.i am a student of r09 batch so there is exemption of 2 subjects.but since i have 2 sub of each with4 and 6credits .i am there any chances of getting marks of ten marks in revaluation process or otherwise if i have to again attend supple so that i have a fear of getting extra certificates,pls suggest me sir.

  4. hii sir exception of two subjects is applicable to for b. pharmacy r09 batch

  5. hii sir exception of two subjects is applicable for b. pharmacy r09 batch

  6. So I am r09 batch can I leave EDP as exception now

  7. hii frnds.. this is ramesh for example if we are write supply(r09) exams in 2016 december.
    which passout we are getting like 2016 r 2017

  8. Sir,The 2subjects exception rule is applicable for r13 regulation plzz tell me

  9. sir i have cleared all my subjects except m1 and emtl.i have got 16 marks in m1 external exam.i am a student of r09 batch so there is exemption of 2 subjects.but since i have 2 sub of each with4 and 6credits .i am there any chances of getting marks of ten marks in revaluation process or otherwise if i have to again attend supple so that i have a fear of getting extra certificates,pls suggest me sir.

  10. sir iam cse student but iam first year EDP drawing xam and second year p&s also subjects not cleard but i have the certificates in exception rules….

  11. I have applied for exemption 1 month ago in my college… When will i get my provisional certificate??

  12. sir can i remove p&s (probability & statistics) subject

  13. Sir I have backlog of M3 subject in 2-1 am a 2016 passout student.I have cleared all other in regular attempt including all sems from 2-1 to 4-2,Am a Lateral Student joined in 2013.
    Am from Sri Indu Clg Autonomous…Do we have elimination of subject the clg ppl are saying you don’t have elimination of subject..They passed all 2016 passout except me…Pls suggest me what to do

  14. anitha i am also confused about that….if you know which is good let me know plz

  15. hello sir
    already i have failed in two subjects,so i want to leave it as in exeptions.but still i dint get a 1st year supply result…but i payed my 4-2 advance supply fee which exam is going to held on july 18 2016.if i pass in 1st year supply..may i apply for exeption again after paying fee…and i may get any compartmentally pass in my original degree…please kindly reply to my e-mail…. thank you

  16. Hi Sir , I have finished in 2016 but have 1 backlog is there exemption for m tech. Can I apply for it now?

  17. I have finished in 2015 but have 2 backlog subjects of 4 credits each.
    I haven’t applied for exemption of those subjects.
    Can I apply for it now?

  18. sir i have only vlsi 4-1 subject .i passed in lab bt i fail in theory cn i leave these subject..

  19. Is r13 batch have exception of subjects??

  20. shamshad ansari

    I am shamshad.I got one backlog in ppc (4-2).
    my 12pt1a03b2 can i leave that…….

  21. sir i’m r09 batch student i’m passed all subjects except 1 subject 4-2 elective subject so plz suggest what i do leave subject OR go revaluation process 8 marks difference

  22. Hi sir I have 2 backlogs one is dwdm and management science can I leave both of them

  23. Y ajay Kumar reddy

    Sir when will the results come of supply 2-1 R09 sem 2016 which I attended in may.why because I got rank in pgcet.will the result will be released before counselling date. Pls give me rly about this sir am tensed about it

  24. sir Iam ece Student jntuh, can i know how many credits for radar systems and cellular mobile communication in 4-2

  25. Gv chnc to skip edp for r09 2016 humble rqst for edp backlog students

  26. Hello sir I failed in 4-2 in two subject in airport planning and management Science can I drop this subject. If i drop in this there a possibility that original certificate can tell about person drop two subject. Plz give full details about OD.

  27. r09:i applied for exception and grace on 17th may.. (till how many days r required to get my pc cmm )can u please tell me d details

  28. sir ,
    can you please tell me the procedure for calculating percentage in one semester if we have skipped one subject??
    say total marks =700 , marks obtained=600 then percnt =85say,but if i leave one subject in which i had backlog then ,
    do we have to reduce the total marks to 600 as we skipped one subject of 100 marks ,or not??
    pls reply sir as this is the confusion faced by all students having backlogs.

  29. hello sir ,
    can u please tell me that how should we calculate our percentage if we have skipped one subject from a semester ,,??do we have to calculate the percentage with the same previous total marks or the reduced marks ..
    i mean suppose total marks =700 ,marks obtained say 600,then percentage will be 85.71.
    but if i skip one subject in which i had backog then.. what will be the procss of calculating percentage..
    do i have to calculate the percentage with the same 700 total marks or 600 if i leave that subjec..

  30. hello sir i am r09 batch i completed my b tech this year with one backlog in 4-2 what to do?can i get certificate or i have to write my supply plz reply me sir…

  31. Sir i want to leave vlsi sub but i lost my certificate of 2-1 2013 which is now not available in jntu web portal what is the procedure for this do i have an option to leave vlsi or not sir?

  32. Hello
    I’m from r09
    I failed in 2-2 one subject 1 year subject & 4-2 one subject
    Can I leave 2 subject & one in grace marks in which I got 16 marks
    Please reply sir

  33. When will be for R10 Batch Sir for applying PC and CMM ORIGINALS.
    can u tell the Total information sir

  34. sir
    am frm jntua r09 batch 2016 passed out i hav a backlog in 4-1 with internal 26 and external 17 is it possible for me to apply for grace marks

  35. Sir,I failed in lab based theory subject I can apply for exemption of subject.give reply sir as soon as possible

  36. Sir,I failed in lab based theory subject.I can apply for exemption of subject

  37. Sir,I am r09 batch,2011-15 .But I was failed in M1 and ECA can i leave the subjects or apply for the grace marks ? In m1 external-18 and ECA external-19..plz reply me sir ,I’m confused

  38. Harish kandanoor

  39. please release the notification regarding the exception rule for 2016 passedout this rule applicable for 2012-2016……????
    Pls rply as soon as psble…just let us know whether it is applicable or not…??
    So that we will dcde whether to write supple r not…Delay in releasing the notification will effect our job carrer….please apply this rule for 2012-16 batch…

  40. Sir…Is this exmptn rule applicable for 2016 passedout students…??????
    Please provide the infrmtn as soon as possible…

  41. Richard Nikhil

    Sir i have only m1 as has 6 credits…if i leave m1 then any lab or seminar will be removed by jntua?

  42. sir i have 1 backlog 1st year drawing r09 jntuhyderabad can i leave examption yes or no

  43. sir i have m3 subject in 2-1 sem can i leave it iam R09 series 2016 passed out bath

  44. Sir I have a backlog in 2-2 ,I.e machine drawing can I leave the subject

  45. Sir, is it possible to leave 2 subjects with both consisting of 4 credits each. Thankyou.

  46. Sir, is it possible to leave 2 subjects with both consisting of 4 credits. Thankyou.

  47. Good Evng Sir!! I am Lateral Entry student joined in 2013-2014 batch in Sri Indu College Autonomous.Recently I completed my 4-2 exams this year.But I have one subject MATHEMATICS III from 2-1 which is still pending am unable to clear it.It consists of 4 credits.So this is my last attempt to write supply if am unable to clear it…Can i eliminate it as per JNTU rules?
    As it is has 4 credits Can i eliminate…But as my college is Autonomous.,,Is there any possibility in elimination.

  48. Sir I have no backlogs till 4-1. Can I leave the two elective subjects in the 4-2? Pls rply me sir

  49. Sir.
    Can i leave elective subjects of 4-2 as exception

  50. I was absent for M3 exam…i hope it creadits will be 4 or 6… can i leave only one subject…

    I was absent for supplementry exam

  51. sir..i am r09 batch student i have only one backlog drawing in frist year..can i leave that subject ..tell me sir i can apply for pc

  52. I am a final year student of jntu anantapur I have a backlog , mpmc in 3-2 can I leave it.had any one left the subject already. Please tell me the process for leaving the subject.

  53. sir i have vlsi and emtl backlogs can i leave it for excemption,am i applicable for exception rule

  54. sir i cleared all my subjects in eee and secured 200 credits ,i have gone through jntu percentage calculator and got 70.40% does it includes exemption rules

  55. sir i cleared all my subjects in eee branch and secured 200 credits, i have gone through jntu percentage calculator and i got 70.40% does it includes the exemption rule or not

  56. sir/madam

    if i leave a subject through exception rule then how the CMM will be printed with the exception subject name ?? or without the subject name?? and if the subject name is printed in CMM then what about the credits regarding that subject??

    if a exception subject name is printed in CMM the credits will be printed as 0???

    reply sir plz…

  57. sir I have 2backlogs one is first year subject M1 of 6 credits and other 3-2″semister subject DMM-ll of 4 credits can I leave M1 and aplly grace marks for DMM-II subject plz inform….

  58. sri i am having 3 backlogs m1, dom , or in mechanical branch
    i am fed up by writing m1 can u suggest me other option to get my pc & cm certificate any type of process please suggest me sri
    my 8121514188

  59. Grace marks will be added or not , if i want to add for one subject

  60. hi sir m yogesh. aftr having exemption can i apply for govt jobs.

  61. Iam R13 batch student i want to R13 students can leave two subjects or not at the end of the btech

  62. sir i have a backlog(edc(electronic device and circuits)) which is of 4 credit can i leave this subject

  63. Sir , I have only one backlog from .that is only m1 can I have a chance to leave it .

  64. sir i have 2 subject 1st year m.1 and 2nd year 1st sem dld. m.1=6 credits and dld=4 credits
    in dld internel marks=8 ang xternel=23. total 39. can i pass or not

  65. Sir is any other process is their to Clear Back Logs because was not in touch with studies since last Two end half years,I can’t remember any thing what I studied,right now em doing Job in Foreign.I’m belongs to R09 Batch JNTUH(2009-2013).So please tell me,it will be a great full help & I can get Good Designation.once I get Certificate.

    Thanking you sir.

  66. Sir could you please tell me,is any process their to get clear back logs because right now I’m doing job in foreign,if I get certificate then will get Good Designation.Sir since last two years,em not in touch with Studies.So please tell me,it will be a Great Full help for Me.

    Thanking You Sir.

  67. I am batch of r09 so i want to skip two paper but i will not attend the exam for 2 supply paper then pls tell my paper skip or not

  68. How many credit will I loss for absent in 1 exam after paying fee r09

  69. Can I le practical subject.

  70. Sir can i leave operation reaserch subjectfor exception rule

  71. sir i am final year student I have drawing subject in first year. Can i apply for exceptions of two sub are not. i am confuseed plz tell me….

  72. i have EDP subject
    i can leave that subject sir
    pls answer mee
    i am jntu H sir

  73. Sir,how many times I have to write the exam for exemption of that one subject

  74. Sir, I am r09 student. I have failed in m1 and wt subjects which carries { (6+3)=9 } credits. Can I leave these two subjects. ..?????
    Sir please please please reply me…..

  75. Sir is there any possible to leave lab credits…

  76. can I leave dsp subject as exemption????

  77. I’m studying final year…i’m a Lateral entry student…can i leave the 2 subjects or not is that rule is applicable for LE R09 students or not

  78. sir my problem is some what different actually i have joined in year 2010 and my passed out year is 2014 but i have m3 backlog i got MP in that subject but i have re applied for that exam in 2015 november so let me know if i get passsed or failed no issue i am ready to exampt it but let me know which year should i get passed out in certificate??? 2014 or 2015??? please help me out sir

  79. can i leave my core subjects

  80. sir I’m am LE student belongs to r-12 batch, 2013-16 is my course.
    is the eliminating of subjects is applicable fr me.
    I’m from cse. I’m havn no backlock till now, in 4-1 can we leave our core subjects.
    please suggest me sir.
    thank you

  81. sir, i am Jntuh r09 student i have 2 backlogs in first year(m-1 &m-m) both consists of
    6 credits, if i clear the any one of the subjects can i award for thw b-tech course

  82. sir naku m1 m3 back logs memo vastada

  83. We can leave 2-2 machine drawing subject ?? R09 batch

  84. Sir,plz tell me am i eligible for top mnc’s after this exemption process ???

  85. Sir two subjects exception rule applicable for 2016 passed out batch also

  86. Sir I have m1 as a suplee in first year my regulation is r13 so plz give me suggestions to pass it plz plz rply sir

  87. Sir I have m1 as suplee in first year so plz give me to pass out my regulation is r13 plz plz Plz rply sir

  88. sir,i have m1 supply & my regulation is R13 .So is there any possibility to remove my subject after 4th year.

  89. sir iam the jntuh r09 regulation student i have two backlogs(m.m and m3) which contains6+3= 9 credits can i leave those two subjects.

  90. Sir I am having subjects of 1st year drawing and 2-2 numarical methods so can I leave this subjects r09 batch

  91. sir in how many days i get the certificates after leaving two subjects?

  92. sir i have failed in 3 subjects having no supply in 1 there any chance for exemption of all these 3 subjects.after exemption of 2 subjects for the 3 subject jntuh will add 8 marks if he gets 18 marks in external exam.plz clarify me soon sir plz

  93. Good morning sir,I belong to r09 regulation I have 2 backlogs of two subjects in 4-2 each consists of 3 credits each .Now i want to exempt those two subjects . can it be possible to exempt those two subjects.


    Are design of steel structures (dss) and cpds exemptible subjects? please answer
    thank you.

  95. Sir i have complited my b. Tech r09 batch with mechanical engineering and i am failed in two subjects one consists of 6 credits and another one is consists of 3 credits is there any chance to leave bothe subjects by taking undertaking form

  96. sir i have 2 subject has 6 creits and another has 3 credits.can i apply undertaking form

  97. sir i have backlog m1 it consists of 6 credits and also i have computer networks it consists of 3 credits ,can any chance is there to leave subjects

  98. I have completed my btech but i have 4 backlogs can apply for exception for 2 subjcts now and can i write remaning 2 subjects

  99. SIR , a person who left 2 subjects like this…is he eligible for bank exams…or will they disqualify due to this uncleared subjects..URGENT AND VERY VERY IMP…

  100. sir i have two subjects one is MM and other one is EDP can i leave this subjects

  101. sir, is this chance there even for B pharmacy students…

  102. sir i am r09 batch student now i completed 3 year so for going to 4 year i did not have credits now i cleared some subjects in supply. when JNTUH will be release notification it is too late kindy inform

  103. sir can I leave renabable energy 4-2 .r09 …..only one paper…….give me replay yes or no

  104. engineering drawing is in exception? is it theory or practical exam?

  105. Sir I have one backlog in B pharmacy 4-2… is there any option for its exemption.. please tell sir.

  106. iam r09 batch ece student.I have 3 subjects . Can i exeption ….or not

  107. Sir I have one backlog in B pharmacy 4-2… is there any option for its exemption.. please tell sirr

  108. sir i have two backlogs m1and 4-2 ppc is there chance to leave the two subjects it is so much urjent to me i want to attend for the pgecet councling which is in two days please reply fast sir

  109. I applied for exemption for a backlog in 4-2 and I have pgecet -2015 certification verification on 4th august. Also, till date I have not received CMM and PC (which says about exemption subject). Now how to prove in certificate verification, that I have applied for exemption ?

  110. hello sir im fully in dipression i have a subjects in 1st year m1 and 2-1 m3 can i leave that subjects…im from r09 batch jntuh…but some one as saying that i cannot leave two subjects because m1 has 6 credits….so please respond quick…im tensed

  111. I am a student of jntuh mechanical branch I have two subjects with total 7 credits .can I leave that two subjects?

  112. I have 4-1 subjects with 7 credits can I leave that subjects

  113. Sir i have one backlog 1yr sub m-1 so i can leave that subject or not plz plz tell me iam so tensed about that so plz plz plz tell me sir

  114. i am R09 batch can leave edp subject as an exemption?

  115. kotla gunasekhar

    Sir ,I am a lateral student .I want know how they are going to calucate the my persantage.they are going to include my Diplamo %??????

  116. reply me sir plz i am so tensed about loosing credits

  117. sir will i loose a credit if i not attend the exam after paying the exam fee ? and plz say how will i get that credit

  118. sir…,
    I am an ece student have backlok in 4-1 mwe and vlsi theory subject ….
    Can i leave these subjects…

  119. Sorry sir your saying ask in your college exam cell . kk but I have asked in examcell but they telling there is no any updates from jntua. Then were we can ask and wthi whom we can ask.plzz rply me sir

  120. hello sir
    iam ECE student of r09
    can i leave the subject DIGITIAL SIGNAL PROCESSING
    iam from JNTUH

  121. iam a student of r09 batch iam having a backlog of first year engineering drawing can i leave it as as exemption some r saying it is a thery subject some r saying it is a practical subject pls replay any one who exempted ha engineering drawing…………………………………………….

  122. am havng m1 &mm subjects can i leave both in exception…pls reply sir

  123. Sir,I had completed my in 2005(2002 – 2005)batch in computer science and information technology from jntu anantapur and iam lateral entry student.I want to know the credits and i have one backlog in 4-1 semester can i have eligible for one subject exemption,please reply me.

  124. b.nandha kishore

    sir can i leave engineering drawing subject its only one supply for me

  125. sir iam pass complete all exam….and my only one backlog is engg drawing sir iam jntu hyderabad r09 regulation….can i apply for exemption

  126. but sir jntu notification says engg drawing is not a theoritical sub and student can not leave ed as exemption

  127. sir is there exemption of 2 subjects for r09 2015passout batch please tell sir

  128. sir iam r09 jntu hyderabad 2015 pass out student…sir 1st year engg drawing sub is theory sub or not…..some says engg drawing is theory sub and some says engg drawing is not theory sub….sir iam confuse and tense……sir can i leave enng drawing sub…pls please please please reply me sir as soon as possible

    • yes u can leave engineering drawing sub because it is theory subject

      • sir i’m r09 jntuh student i’m passed all subjects except 1st year drawing
        sir i can leave drawing subject are not.
        because above given conditions drawing is nat a theory subject so it is not passible to leave it as we as it is not conform.
        so sir please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sir give me reply sir
        i’m very tense about this.
        pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sir give mereply sir

      • Can i apply for grace marks and excemption rule both.? Plz tell jntuh.. R(09)

  129. sir, I am a 2015 passout student I would like to know whether two subjects exemption rule is applicable for 2015 passouts or not if so when the official notification will be released because already the supply notification is released i am in confusion whether to apply for supply or not plz let me know as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance

  130. I am a R09 regular student.when did comes to notification for leaving of 2 subjects.

  131. please reply me sir ……

  132. sir exception of two subjects are consists only students or all jntu R09 students including students? please tell me

  133. mohd sami….. hello sir…..iam 2015 pass out..sir i have 1st year backlog engg drawing…sir iam r09 regulation of jntu hyderabad…sir can i leave engg drawing……please tell me sir

  134. notification about exemption is there in jntua sir but clg didnt respond to us correctly bcause our clg didnt get notification sir

  135. sir,
    i am civil student , doing my course in srec collage wgl.
    can i leave “design and drawing of irrigation structures”(4-2) which is core subject to my coures and similar to edp subject..
    pls help me with solution

  136. I am LES student. Can I leave 4-1 FEM subject (one subject only) pls answer sir

  137. I am LES student . I had FEM (4-1)ONE backlog can I leave this subject

  138. It’s better to die,I cant bare this tension,some people said their is an exemption and some said there is no exemption,no one giving correct info about r09 2015 batch ,any one plss tell me the info ,exemption is there or not

  139. Sir pls say ur responsible for jntua students are not if not pls post one notice that we are not responsible for jntua students ur not at replying for our doubts just think about ourself also sir we requesting about the information exemption of two subjects and ur are not at all replying we are getting fedup with ur maintance sir plz understand our prblm also plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • we are already said about this for JNTU Ananthapur students currently there no official info about this but previously university released the notification for Two subjects exception of R09 Batch and we are already uploaded it in site. so ask in ur college or university about this and clarify Ur doubts
      note : show the old notification as a reference and ask for it ____ NEW JNTUWORLD.COM TEAM

  140. sir, if we leave the two failed subjects, is there increase of percnetage???

  141. Sir am cse student can i leave linux theory exam…. sir i was alrdy passed linux lab please reply me sir please

  142. Iam cse student from jntu Hyderabad Can i leave 4.1 lab based linux theory exam… it has only 4 credits ….plss rly sir

  143. Sir I applied for writing advanced supply, for one subject in 4-2….if I fail in that advanced supply after writing….can I apply for exemption of that theory subject……

  144. Pls say about the wavier of two subjects for the batch 2014-2015 sir plz reply in jntu anthapur

  145. sir jntu anantapur officially released a notification for 2015 passd outs for applying pc as if the student satisfies 220 credits then only he is elgible to apply the pc…then how come the exemption is applied..when will be the official notification from jntu anantapur will be released…sir our joining dates for job are approaching…please help us sir…please show concrn on us…please give reply to this sir…

  146. Can I leave CG in 4-1 n p&s in 2-1

  147. can i apply for exemption of subjects after failing in the supple ??
    i wrote 4.1 supple nd i got backlog in 4.2 too…so can i apply for exemption after 4.1 supple results are announced nd if i fail in supple??

    • naziya thabassum

      Sir when we should apply for undertaking form now can we apply as 4-2 results out. Na I have 4-1 one nd 4-2 one with(4+3) credits so please tell me sir

  148. B.madhumohan reddy

    i want job

  149. hello…i have one backlog in 4.1 nd one more in 4.2… i wrote my 4.1 supple nd dont want to write 4.2 supple….now can i apply for subject exemption after 4.1 supple results in case if i fail in that exam…

  150. Is there an two subject relaxation for R13 Bach currently. If not will it be issued in the later years.please tell me sir my whole college is weighting.

  151. Sir meeku dhandampedtam 2015 pass out R09 students ki 8 credits exeptionals vundo ledo notification pettandi sir

  152. see when we closely observe 8 credits exemption rule it is clear that it was applied to last 6 pass out batches
    why should we be the only one to suffer
    even though our SNrs n super snrs have same syllabus n time
    we too got a disturbed academic year if that’s the case , so guys let’s plead jntua 4 the exemption

  153. sir is this notification appliable to jntu hyderbad

  154. Sir,tell me there is a exemption of subjects in junta ro9 2015 batch or not?

  155. sir can I leave 4-2(r09 jntuh) subject without writing advanced supply exam as exception subject

  156. sir i failed in 1 sub of 4-2 if i apply for exception of particular sub is there any persentage difference(i.e percentage increases or decreases) pls tell me


    Hello JNTU A friends …. 🙂
    I am very happy to say that we have 2 subjects excemption officially it is going to be posted be JNTU A .. SHARE this info…………….

    • There is no official notification in jntu

    • There is no official notification in jntu

    • When it will be plss Frnd reply

    • Rajesh kumar.. Can u share ur mail id plz

      • RAJESH KUMAR GOUD edi na fb id na profile lo pic petta ninna Atp gilla edition lo JNTU eccina statement plzzzz share that photo..

        • frnd rajesh there is no official notification yet, r u sure about exemption rule for 2015 passouts, did u guys really went to university not intended to offend u but as this is my life n death pls kindly answer


            hello ashwin we met register in JNTUA on 4-06-2015 that day 30 students came to meet for the VC but unfortunately VC is not available .so we met the register and he replayed positively and finally he said that yes we are providing the exemption rule this year also but one this he is saying is “” Foreign universities are asking for JNTU why u are keeping the exemption rule for the students and some private companies are even not taking after seeing the Star marks on the subject ” so he again want to keep meeting with all the remaining people and they will release officially may be that notification will come after 4-2 supply ..

  158. sir…
    can u please say exemption is there are not?
    students are waiting for this…
    Nothing is there about this in jntu updates…
    please sir…

  159. Shaik Adnan Aamir

    Sir Please Clarify Me About jntu anantapur Two Subjects Relaxation For 2015 Pass Outs Of R09 Batch.? That old official notification was of the year 2013. What about the situation of 2015 R09 pass out students.? Please tell me sir.. The new notification came was for all subject passed students. What about my situation sir.? I also done a phone call to jntu Anantapur controller of examinations & he shouted carelessly to ask to my affiliated college and when I asked about it in my college, it is also not responding anything.. Sir please take my problem into consideration sir.. Please ask to any jntu Anantapur main staff about this two subjects exemption clarification for 2015 R09 pass out students. Please sir please..

  160. officially it is not declared..sir can u please say exemption is there are not?really many students are waiting for this.

  161. Sir, i have one backlog is there exemption of two subjects for R09 batch

  162. sir i have MM AND PS 2 back log subjects….i can apply for exception of these 2 subjects????

  163. what is the password to download official jntua 2 subject exemption notiication

  164. Students from affiliated colleges of JNTUA. We met JNTU vice chancellor regarding removal of 8 CREDITS For R09 batch. Because of low strength the out come was not in our favour. People who want removal of 8CREDITS must attend at 4-6-2015 around 11AM to meet VICE CHANCELLOR and request him to allow a waiver of 8CREDITS for us please share this message to all R09 students. Please make it success with more students


      yes all are comming spread this to all ………… 🙂

    • Meeting eam aendhi guys


        SUCCESS !!!!!!!!! 🙂 but again we are planning to go on 9th june we want support else we cannot do any thing guys me and with my frds we meet the register today he accepted our request but he again need to consult with VC for the further proceeding so plzzz come guys on 9th JUNE 10-30 AM……….Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share this info. 🙂

  165. sir is it der for jntu anantapur?can u plz mention it?

  166. Iam srikanth i just have one backlog is there availability of leaving of two subjects

  167. sir. I have two subjects pending. u posted that r09 batch students has to except 2 subjects . but our exam cell says there is no exception… which one is true.. we are in critical situation…

  168. Sir I’m 2015 passed out batch .can I have the chance to exception of two failed subjects .in college they are telling no option for exception .u have to clear all subjects .but how it is sir we are r09 batch na


    hello sir,
    I am 2015 pass out form JNTU anantapur ,Is exception of 2 subjects is available for JNTU A and actually i got failed in 4-2 so i got 216 credits out of 220 can i apply for the PC and CMM ? and if i had written again 4-2 supply when i am ging to get CMM and PC .

  170. Can I leave heat transfer subject it consists of lab

  171. Sir! In our college about exemption there not responding with our inputs.even if we call to jntua there also not giving desired, give me information.

  172. sir ive written my 4-2 exams n ill b writing my 4-1 supply now ,can i exempt my supply after my 4-2 results ,without waiting for my 4-1 supply results

  173. Sir i have two backlogs in 4-2 .is there excption for two subjects for 2015 passedout batch(jntua)

  174. sir i have two subjects blocklogs one lab subject and one thoery subject
    Can i leave it two subjects sir???

  175. sir ,exception of 2 subjects is availble.or.not for Jntu Anatapur,please sir.reply fast

  176. hi do jntu anantapur have excemption of two subject rule for 2015 passouts for r09 regulation

  177. sai kiran reddy

    Sir,is there exception of subjects in jntu anantapur for r09 batch???

    • we dont no about jntu ananthapur having two subjects exception so contact ur college exam cell for more info and we will sure update the info about jntu Ananthapur R09 two subjects exception

  178. sai kiran reddy

    Sir,Is there exception of subjects in jntu anantapur,for r09 batch???

  179. sai kiran reddy

    Sir,is there exception of subjects for r09 batch ,under the jntu anantapur university???

  180. sir, i have one backlog in 4-2 r09… iam from jntua ..still now we dont have official notification on exemption of 2 subjects.. can i leave dat subject.. plzz reply sir.. itz urjentt

  181. 2subject exemption is also applicable for 2011 batch in jntu anantpur

  182. Sir, I am 2015 passed out in mechanical branch and I’ve failed in machine drawing subject in 2-2. Can I leave that subject and it has 4 credits?

  183. I was absent in 2 subjects can i leave them
    im from R09 batch
    plzz inform urgently……!!!!!!

  184. sir,i was failed one subject in 4-2 can i leave the subject without attempting the advance supply.

  185. sir,b pharmacy final year i hve 2 backlogs do i hve chance to leave.

  186. Sir i am bpharm student of R09 batch. Can i leave two subjects

  187. I am a cse student can I leave compiler design & web technologies they are practical subjects but theory from 3–2

  188. Can I leave drwing subject

  189. sir am a regular student R09 batch until 3-1 this year but in 3-2 sem am completely absent even didnt pay the examination fee now can i promote to 4-1 sem ? plz reply me sir am waiting for ur reply sir

  190. We can leave drawing subject

  191. can students apply for exception of 2 subjects????

  192. Can I leave drawing

  193. Sir, I am b pharmacy student we have maths in 1st year as we are from bipc background its very tough to clear that subject… Can we leave maths subject in exception

  194. Can we leave a subject which has only 4 credits?

  195. sir iam r07 i got detained at second year so i became r09 student but the total subject they have 40 subjects but i have 41 subject with 224 credit so how tthey going to treat us in the exeption

  196. If a student has 200 credits then will JNTU only select the 2 subjects that are to be exempted

  197. Can I Leave Physics and Chemistry ????

  198. I have engeering drawing subject.. Can i leave that subject

  199. when are R13 recounting and revaluation results are going to release

  200. can i leave 3+3 credits

  201. Can I leave M1 subject from 1st year

  202. Can I leave engineering mechanics sub in 1st year


    Is it applicable to Jntu Anantapur university?

  204. Is there any difference in the certificate obtained with leaving of subjects and without leaving two subjects??

  205. Their is chance to leave drawing subject are not

  206. I have drawing subject in first year. Can i apply for exceptions of two sub are not

    • YES U can leave drawing as a subject and apply for r09 two subjects exeption

      • sir i’m r09 jntuh student i’m passed all subjects except 1st year drawing
        sir i can leave drawing subject are not.
        because above given conditions drawing is nat a theory subject so it is not passible to leave it as we as it is not conform.
        so sir please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sir give me reply sir
        i’m very tense about this.
        pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sir give mereply sir

  207. i have back log M1 and M3 can apply for exception of two subjects

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