Good tips by on  how to write jntu External exams 2016 tips & tricks : Many of the students are in worry because of lack of tips on  how to write jntu External exams 2016. These tips will helps you to write the jntu External Exams very easily.




  • First you should prepare At least 6 units to get good score; students can choose first the difficult one and then the easiest units out of 8 units. Another way is first two units will have basics of the subject and last unit will have syllabus on applications (normally these three units will have simple and easy in nature) from these direct questions may come in external examination.
  • Find out the exact dates of your exams. You will know how much time you have left before each exam. It might help to draw up a table which includes all your subjects and all the weeks you have until the last exam, and then fill in the exam dates.
  • Take 2 to 3 years old question papers for each subject and unit wise questions. Select 3 best questions, which will cover entire topics of the unit, three questions in each unit are adequate for preparation.
  • Fill in your revision timetable in with your subjects, and use your priority list to give the most important ones more revision time. Student should try to get maximum score in First year B.Tech as it has the syllabus of 10+2 standard.
  • Leave some time for breaks,meals and free time but ensure you have a good time slot each night for revision.
  • After getting preparation, presentation is the most one to secure good marks.
  • Read the question paper for 10 minutes, understand the questions, even then if you do not understand don’t panic, try to find out the known words from the question and co-relate with the known answers.
  • The given time may be not enough for answering all the questions, so first write all the questions which you know perfectly in a brief and understandable way. Do not concentrate much on any question as every question carries equal 16 marks. Even though if you write for more than 16 marks they are allowed to give only 16 or less marks.
  • Draw the diagrams with pencil. Underline the headings and subheadings with a colour pens (prefer sky blue or orange). This decoration should look attractive, it should not disturb the neatness of the paper.
  • Draw the four sided margins with pencil such that the answer sheet looks like a portrait. Do not underline the false or wrong content. Do not overwrite.In engineering it is waste of time to write the choice questions. Write maximum five questions its enough.

Besides these tips you have to apply the minimum common sense. Reach the exam hall before half and hour. Drink one litre water before entering the exam hall.Don’t get tensed. Confidence is the only thing that effects your success. Over Confidence and under confidence is not good.
The above are the best tips and tricks about how to write jntu External Exams 2016 Trips and Tricks.

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